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Donald S. Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. is the owner and director of CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC. His formal training and research has focused on multicultural/eclective psychology, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology. His experience enables the company to offer effective trauma-focused and solution-focused counseling, psychotherapy, assessments, and life coaching to diverse populations. The company is located at Chandler Plaza, a revitalized area of North Oak Cliff, close to the Dallas Zoo and the Southern Gateway Deck Park off of I35 South.  The vision of the company is to promote psychological, social, and spiritual well being worldwide. This vision is carried out through the various activities and services of the company.

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Society of Eclective Consciousness

The  Society of Eclective Consciousness (SEC) is a private member based group of CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC.  SEC provides holistic and networking to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. We achieve this by providing private and public events on and Psychology Today.


The Shop at the Plaza

At the Plaza, the Shop offers complimentary holistic and literary products. The shop also specializes in discussions, event hosting,  and products for nutrition, meditation, and self-growth. For more information, feel free to contact us. 

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The Playhouse


The Playhouse is the second facility of Chandler Plaza. It hosts the Gwendolyn Chandler: Life Enrichment and Educational Program (LEEP), an integrated family counseling program that utilizes online homeschooling and like skill programs for low income children with emotional and behavioral problems. 


Forensic and Court Related Services


Our motto is “a family taking care of families”. With a recognized provider of the National Association of a Forensic Counselors, CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC provides a variety of forensic mental health services and consultations. These services include mental health assessments, mitigation reports, risk assessments,  substance abuse assessments, court ordered counseling, parenting, and anger management services. Contact us for more details by sending a message thru the "Send Message" button.


Counseling, Coaching & Training


We have registered and approved providers of counseling and therapy with Psychology Today. As registered holistic providers, CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC along with SEC provides  training, and coaching services for adults and couples. These services are offered in office or by telehealth services. Please contact us thru the "Send Message" button to find out more about our services.

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